Apartments’ rules

A big and unique rule: respect the place and others. Anyway here below there are some little specific rules.

Smoking is not allowed in our apartments, but You can smoke outside in the courtyard or in the balcony. If You go outside for this reason please, maintain open the doorway until You return in, so You can reduce the noise for the neighbors.

If You enter / exit sooner or later, please, reduce the noise to the minimum to respect the neighbors: lean the doorway then pull to close to reduce its noise. Please, don’t stay outside in the night for cheating, specially near the windows’ bedroom.

We love animals but We can’t host them for allergies reasons.

Remember to leave the house as You found: clean your dishes and throw the garbage (you’ll find the dumpster in the streets near the apartments: Via Panigale and Via Sciesa). You can separate your garbage as: common, humid, paper, glass and aluminum, plastic.

If You arrive by car You can park inside the courtyard. Please parking always in the park that We will show You, because other parks are assigned. The parking is to consider for little and medium cars; if You have different car please, tell us in advance. If You have big van You can park in the streets for free.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE We consider all amenities and furniture of the apartments safe and functionally. So please, in the first time take a moment to check all stuffs. If We find something broken or not functionally after the check-out We’ll ask a refund for the damage. Please, if You broke something let Us know and We’ll find a solution together.